It has been an entire year since I last posted in my blog.  It's difficult for me to believe an entire year has passed.  

It has been a year full of changes on many levels. I changed residences and living in a new town here on Long Island.  The change in residence helped to spark a move into a different style of painting  I took several art courses (never stop learning). I signed on for another year with the Town of Oyster Bay Rotational Art Program.

Today I installed my watercolrs at the Department of Public Works, TOBY.  I was so warmly greeted by the lovely staff and we had many laughs while I hung them on their office walls!  I have the pleasure of being there for May and June 2017.





Spring has finally arrived!  The past 2 months, I have been quiet - and have shifed my painting style again.  I have been focused on painting large acrylic canvases.  Some nature studies - more whimsical and impressionistic.  A Goddess here and there.

This May 2016, I will be exhibiting my artwork at the TOBY Department of Public Works,  150 Miller Pl, Syosset NY


If you happen to be in the area, please pay a visit!


Enjoy the merry month of May!

Happy New Year!  


A new page - a new setting of intentions for continued or new dreams and goals!


I just installed 13 paintings in the Gold Coast Library Annex, 40 Railroad Ave, Glen Head, NY for the 2016

Town of Oyster Bay Rotational Art Exhibit Program.

These are new paintings I worked on in the Fall of 2015, As you can see by the color palette of rusts,

 golds and reds.  My next venue will not be until May 2016, so hope you will be able to stop by to take a peek at my display!


 Wishing everyone a healthy and prosperous 2016!


Here we are at the year's end.  Got so caught up in the holiday season and failed to post.


Painting has been minimal - except for making hand made Christmas cards.


Have been preparing for the new year Rotational Art Program 2016!  My first venue will be Gold Coast Library, Glen Head NY


There will be the new paintings I managed to paint this Fall.  The colors were inspiring - So much fun to explore new color palettes!


Happy New Year!

Officially Autumn!  Colors of Gold, Red and Bronze in trees set against a cold sky of blues and soft grays.  Viewing a hillside in Fall - reminds me of Midevil Tapestrys or fine Needlepoint.  I  feel nostalgic for I know not what.

The other morning, I drove past this little red Maple tree - alone at the entrance to a little park.  She stood there like a ballerina in her full skirt showing off her colors!

A few minutes later, a large flock of geese flew in formation overhead.  The sun peeked in and out flirting with me as I gazed out at the amazing colors of the trees.


Great news, I have been accepted into the 2016 TOBY Rotational Art Program - joining up with other amazing Long Island Artists.  So excited to be venturing into a new year continuing to evolve my creative side!


December 2015, I will be on display at the TOBY IGA Town Hall South, 977 Hicksville Road, Massapequa NY   516-797-4582



Hope you enjoy your holidays with friends and family!


Oh - and don't eat too much at Thanksgiving! - Not!




Wonderful to have cooler weather and  even rain at times here on Long Island.  I have been busy, working on some new watercolors for the TOBY Rotational Art program for 2016.


For the months of October and November, I will have paintings hanging in the Oyster Bay/East Norwich Public Library, 89 East Main St. Oyster Bay, NY 11771 - tel# 516-922-1212.


Please stop by for a visit!


Cooler weather at last!  All the kids are back to school.  


I have relocated for September - TOBY Rotational Art Exhibit venue to the Syossett/Woodbury Community Center on Jericho Turnpike, Woodbury.  There are long hallways,at the center,  so I was able to hang 22 paintings.  

Inviting everyone interested to come take a look!


I have been busy trying out new styles of painting - working on some large watercolors and acrylic paintings.  So hoping to have something new to show you in the coming months!


Enjoy your Fall days and stay happy and in peace!



Well July certainly got away from me.  July birthday and graduation celebrations were keeping me busy.  First week of July was at Lake George with family members.  Restful beauty - but climbing hills every day a real challenge.


So now it's August - heat is upon us and I have begun painting again.  Stepping out of the watercolor world and painting big - Acrylic on canvases.  Fun!!!!


I will continue to be displayed at the Hicksville Public Library for the full month of August!  Yay!


Please come visit.