It's the middle of June already!  Not much to say!  I have been busy with graduations, parties and birthdays!  And the month is not over!  My paintings have not been on exhibit this month with the TOBY Rotational Art Program.  This has given me an opportunity to explore some new styles of painting.


Plans are in the works to sell some small paintings at a local fund raising event in Mid July.  Further info will be posted here and on my Facebook page.


For the month of July, my paintings will be on display at the Hicksville Public Library on North Jersulem Ave.  I really hope you come see them!


Have a great June - see you in July!



The Rotational Art Program - Town of Oyster Bay


Five paintings are now hanging at the Ridgewood Savings Bank, 220 Old Country Road, Hicksville NY


I was also honored to have some miniture watercolors on display at the town hall, Town of Oyster Bay - Hicksville Road, Massapequa NY.  My tribute for Mother's Day and a few florals


Please pay a visit and hope you enjoy!



Today April showers (more like a deluge)  brought us a beautiful double rainbow - Seems the sun pops out just about when the day is over.  The primary rainbow was big and juicy with colors glowing - so up close!


The month is nearing an end.  I am hoping to be doing some new projects.  With nicer weather, I am going to aim to do some sketching outdoors.  Time for a change of scenery - Flowers are nice but I think doing some landscapes could be a fun challenge.


For the month of May, I will have a few paintings (5) hanging in the Ridgewood Savings Bank - Old Country Road and Newbridge Road.  Please stop by for a visit.


There are a few days of this month to visit my current exhibit at:

Town of Oyster Bay, Community and Youth Services,

2nd floor,

977 Hicksville Road,

Massapequa NY 11758


So stay dry with these April showers and know warmer days are upon us!  


Karen Dale



 My paintings will be on display this month of April. at the Town of Oyster Bay, Community


and Youth Services, 2nd floor, 977 Hicksville Road, Massapequa NY 11758


I am very happy to present 21 of my favorite watercolors and I believe there was


a cohesive feel to the collection.  I hope it reflects my dream of Spring arriving


here in Long Island, NY!


I hope you will take a few moments to stop by and have a look!



I can't believe we are nearing the end of March.  Feels as if Spring is dragging her heels in showing herself!  Snow just a few days ago, but, I guess   you can expect almost any kind of weather in March - So to combat the longing, I have been painting flowers!  Splashing about in all the lovely colors has helped me get through this month! 


Spring has arrived even if it does not feel like it here on the East Coast.

Hope you enjoy - stop and smell a rose or a tulip even!


Looking forward to April and a new venue.

March 4, 2015


Updating my site!  I have been painting and adding to my inventory.  A selection of 9  paintings is on exhibit at the Astoria Bank, 1001 Park Blvd, Massapequa Park, NY.

I am a contributing artist for the Town of Oyster Bay Rotational Art Program here on Long Island for 2015.  I am very honored to be chosen to exhibit my work at various venues through out this year!  I will update as the venue changes.  

Please pay a visit!  




Welcome to my new website!  I will be showcasing my current artwork - mostly watercolors and greeting cards.  With the arrival of a new year - 2015 - I am excited to showcase my most recent works of art.

I have been painting and drawing all of my life - hardly ever considering myself a serious artist.   I have explored many different mediums and after many years, I have been drawn back into watercolors.  I invested in watercolor paints by Daniel Smith of Seattle WA.  I find the colors and the textures inviting and inspirational. 

I hope you enjoy visiting my site and even possibly purchasing a painting.  Most of all I hope you enjoy visiting my website much as I enjoy playing in my paints!