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Officially Autumn!  Colors of Gold, Red and Bronze in trees set against a cold sky of blues and soft grays.  Viewing a hillside in Fall - reminds me of Midevil Tapestrys or fine Needlepoint.  I  feel nostalgic for I know not what.

The other morning, I drove past this little red Maple tree - alone at the entrance to a little park.  She stood there like a ballerina in her full skirt showing off her colors!

A few minutes later, a large flock of geese flew in formation overhead.  The sun peeked in and out flirting with me as I gazed out at the amazing colors of the trees.


Great news, I have been accepted into the 2016 TOBY Rotational Art Program - joining up with other amazing Long Island Artists.  So excited to be venturing into a new year continuing to evolve my creative side!


December 2015, I will be on display at the TOBY IGA Town Hall South, 977 Hicksville Road, Massapequa NY   516-797-4582



Hope you enjoy your holidays with friends and family!


Oh - and don't eat too much at Thanksgiving! - Not!